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ANISA, ROSIDAH (2010) The Use of Directed Reading-Thinking Activity to Improve The Students’ Ability in Reading Comprehension at Seventh Grade of MTs. AL HUDA Bandung Tulungagung in Academic Year 2009/2010. [ Skripsi ]

ANISAK, FITRI MA’RIFAH (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Contextual Teaching and Learning in Improving Students’ Grammar Ability of Seventh Grade Students of SMPN 1 Rejotangan Academic Year 2009/2010. [ Skripsi ]

Abdul, Razzaq, (2010) A Study on Cohesive Devices Used in Social Science Textbooks. [ Skripsi ]

Agustin, Agustin (2010) A descriptive study on teaching vocabulary by using games at the third years students at SDN Tulungrejo 01 – Karangrejo. [ Skripsi ]

Agustina, Rizqa (2010) The Effectiveness of Using CIRC (Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition) technique in teaching reading comprehension at the eighth grade students of MTsN Tunggangri. [ Skripsi ]

Amiati Dwi, Firma (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Pictorial Puzzle in Improving Vocabulary Mastery of Seventh Grade Students of SMP Islam Durenan. [ Skripsi ]

Ana, Munfarida, (2010) Code Switching in SMS Messages Sent by Students of STAIN Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Anita Uswatul, Khasanah, (2010) Flash Card as Teaching Media to Improve Student’s Vocabulary in the Seventh of MTsN Pucanglaban, Tulungagung in Academic Year 2009/2010. [ Skripsi ]


ERMA TRIANA, MUFLIHATIN, (2010) A Study on Teaching Speaking using Series Picture about Daily Activities to the Seventh Year Students at SMP N I Kunjang Kediri. [ Skripsi ]

Erfina, Ulfa, (2010) The Effectiveness of Realia for Teaching English Vocabulary to The Third Year Students at SDN Talun 02 Blitar. [ Skripsi ]


FITROTUL, AZIZAH (2010) An analysis on summative test items the second year student of senior High School at MAN Trenggalek in the academic year 2009/2010. [ Skripsi ]

Faizah, Nurmaningtyas, (2010) The Realization of the Management of Face in the Dialogues of the Novel Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea by Jules Verne. [ Skripsi ]

Fitria, Irma (2010) The Implementation of Bilingual Instruction Program at Pioneering International Standard School (RSBI) Classroom of Junior High School 1 Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Fitroturrohmah, Fitroturrohmah (2010) Thesis Using Jigsaw Technique to Improve the Students Reading Skill at the Eight Grade or Junior Islamic High School at MTs Al – Muslihun Tlogo. [ Skripsi ]

Fuad, Khoirul huda (2010) A descriptive Study on The Implementation of English Community Program at SMPN 4 Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

fathul, Muhib, (2010) An Analysis Conflict on the Main Character “Straight”, a thesis English Education Program, Department of Islamic Education, State Islamic College (STAIN) Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]


Hidayatul Ummah, Lilis (2010) A Descriptive study on the Problem in English Teaching learning to the students of SDN 2 Karangrejo Kampak Trenggalek. [ Skripsi ]


Ika Fitria, Andriani, (2010) The use of stick figure to improve the students speaking skill in MTSN Aryojeding Rejotangan. [ Skripsi ]


JAINAL, ABIDIN, (2010) The Correlation between Mastery of Reading and Writing of the 4th Semester Students at State Islamic College of Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Jeneta, Sri Kurniawati, (2010) The Effectiveness of Picture Story Media on the Students Reading Ability to 4th Grade Students at SDN 01 Plosokandang Kedungwaru Tulungagung in 2010/2011. [ Skripsi ]


Khalifah Siti, Nur, (2010) The Technique of Teaching Speaking at SMA Negeri I Nganjuk. [ Skripsi ]

Khurotin, Anggraeni, (2010) Increasing Students’ Mastery on Vocabulary through Song Presentation at MA Al Ma’arif Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]


LAILI KHASANAH, 3213073059 (2010) “A Study on English Speaking Community at Pon-Pes Jawahirul Hikmah, Besole, Besuki Tulungagung”. [ Skripsi ]

LINDA KURROTUL, A’YUNI, (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Jigsaw Technique in Teaching Reading Narrative Text of VIIID Grader at SMPN 1 Sumbergempol Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Lukluatul, Fuadiyah, (2010) An Analysis On The Types Of Sentences Used In Bilingual Text Books. [ Skripsi ]


Masruroh, Masruroh (2010) Teaching Literary Appreciation Trough a Film at the First Year Students of SMPN 2 Tugu. [ Skripsi ]

Muhamad, Anwar (2010) A case study on the use of pictures in teaching speaking on the second year students at SMPN 1 Kauman. [ Skripsi ]

Muhammad, Munib (2010) An Analysis on The Robinson’s Survival in Johann Wyss’s Novel “The Swiss Family Robinson. [ Skripsi ]

Mukhamad,, Safingi (2010) Negotiate Meaning between Lecture English Department and University Students at Bahasa Inggris 1 Trough Language Switching of Islamic Education Program at State Islamic Collage (STAIN) Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]


Nadhiroh, Umi (2010) The Effectiveness of Word Wall Media in Improving the Fifth Year Students Mastery on Vocabulary at SDN. 04 Sumberbendo, Pucanglaban, Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Nanang, Hariyadi, (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Monopoly Game in Improving Students’ Vocabulary Mastery at SDI Qurrota A’yun. [ Skripsi ]

Naurul Zana, Fajri, (2010) The Comparative Study between Using a Series and Single Pictures on Student's Speaking Achievement of Second Semester at State Islamic College Of Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Nunung, Khumaidah (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Flash Card in Teaching Vocabulary to the Second Year Students of SDI Qurrota A’yun Ngunut – Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Nurul, Hidayah (2010) Teaching English to Elementary student using TPR (Total Physical Response) method in SDN Setonorejo II. [ Skripsi ]


Putri Puji, Lestari (2010) The implementation of series picture in teaching learning speaking: case study at eight grade of UPTD SMP Negeri 2 Sumbergempol. [ Skripsi ]


Rahmanaliza, Eka (2010) A Descriptive Study on The Motivation of Students in Learning English at MTsN Tunggangri Kalidawir Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Rokhima, Riza (2010) The Implementation of Teaching Extensive Reading to the Eleventh Grade Students at MAN Tulungagung 1. [ Skripsi ]

Ruroin, Ida (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Vocabulary Disc as a Teaching Media to the Student’s Vocabulary Improvement of the Fourth Years Student at SDI Sunan Giri Ngunut Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]


Siti, Zahro’, (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Audio Visual Aids (AVA)in Improving the First Year Students' English Achievement at SMP Islam Pule Trenggalek in the Academic Year 2009-2010. [ Skripsi ]


Titis, Wulandari, (2010) The Effectiveness of Teaching Vocabulary By Using Pictorial Board Game in Improving The Fifth Year Student’s Mastery of Vocabulary, At SDN Setonorejo 1 Kras, Kediri. [ Skripsi ]

Tri, Rahayu, (2010) A Study on the use of drama in teaching speaking at SMA N I Gondang, English Education Program, Islamic Education Department, the State Islamic College Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]


UMAIROH, GHONI’ATU (2010) The Implementation of Question - Answer in Teaching English Reading Comprehension at Language Program of MAN Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

Umi, Haniah, (2010) A Case Study on the Use of Language Laboratory in Teaching Listening to the Second Years Students at MA Plus Raden Paku Trenggalek. [ Skripsi ]


Wachyudiono, Wachyudiono (2010) The Effectiveness of Using Communicative Language Teaching CLT) in Teaching Reading for the First Year Students of MAN Tulungagung 1. [ Skripsi ]


Yunita, RetnaningTyas, (2010) The Effectiveness Of Using A Map On The Students Pre-Writing Achievement Of Seventh Grade At SMPN 1 DURENAN-TRENGGALEK ACADEMIC 2009/2010. [ Skripsi ]


Zulfa, Ulinni’mah, (2010) The Correlation Between Motivation in Learning English and English Achievement of the Sixth Year Students at SDN III Kedungwaru Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

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