Improving The English Speaking Achievement of The First Year students of MA Nurul Ulum Munjungan Using Peer Assessment

Iis, Setianingsih, (2012) Improving The English Speaking Achievement of The First Year students of MA Nurul Ulum Munjungan Using Peer Assessment. [ Skripsi ]

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Keywords : improving, English speaking achievement, peer assessment English is international language. Thus, teaching speaking is highly recommended at various levels in every schools. In fact lately, there are a lot of problems that we often ignore in the teaching of English in schools. As we knew that the teaching of English in an English course institution was better than the English language teaching in schools. It was caused scarcity of teachers speak English in class. It was felt inhibited the students because they weren’t used to hearing other people speak English. In addition, the problem was also caused by over-emphasized lessons on grammar and not on the conversation, but students were rarely given guidance on how and what the function of the elements of grammar they learned. Besides, the reason teachers did not emphasize speaking was that speaking was not included in the exam. So, it was often ignored by them. In addition, many teachers did not know the strategies that were suitable to use in teaching speaking for learners. Thus, the strategy used was not attractive. The problems above also arised in MA Nurul Ulum Munjungan Trenggalek regency. Thus the score of students’ English speaking was low . It was 90 % under KKM score. Beside that they had low motivated to practice speaking. The formulation of the problems were be proposed by researcher based on the background above. The problem was as follows: “How can peer assessment improve the tenth grade students’English speaking achievement at Islamic senior high school (MA) Nurul Ulum Munjungan in academic 2011-2012?” The study was done from April 13th, 2012 to May 11th, 2012 and the researcher took the X-A grade students that consist of fourty students. This research objective was to know how peer assessment can improve the tenth grade students’ English speaking achievement at islamic senior high school (MA) Nurul Ulum Munjungan in academic 2011-2012. The research design in this study was classroom action research. This study had two Cycle, namely Cycle 1 and Cycle 2. Each cycle consisted of planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting. In implementing consisted of three meetings. This study was done to reach the criteria of success. It consisted of 75 % of students feel pleasant in teaching and learning process, and 80 % of students were able to speak English related topic with score ≥ 70 (equal or above KKM score). In this study, the data were collected through test, observation, field notes and questionnaire. The researcher used a test to know the students’ English speaking achievement in the preliminary study and the end each Cycle. While, questionnaire was used to know the students’ comfort. Fieldnote and observation sheet were used as complementary the instrument to know the students’ comfort. The procedures of data analysis were conducted : data classification, data presentation, and conclussion. The result showed that preliminary study have result 10 % students got equal to KKM score in English speaking. So, the researcher conducted the research by using peer assessment. In Cycle 1, the percentage of the students’ achievement was 57, 5 % and students’ comfort was 67,5 % . Then, the researcher continued the study in Cycle 2 and students’ speaking English achievement got 90% and students’ comfort was 82,5%. It showed that criteria of success of this study had been achieved. From the result above, It means that the implementation of peer assessment could improve the students’ English speaking achievement, especially by several strategies applied before, during, and after peer assessment. Before peer assessment, the teacher make peer assessment sheet more focused on the topic, scale of assessment consisted of three parts, namely: Yes, Sometimes and No. Beside that, the teacher chose partner at random. It means that the students would demonstrate the dialogue with the different friends who were not the same in intelligence. During peer assessment, The students used peer assessment form by checking the assessment scale and gave general comment orally to the other students’ performance. In asseessing, they were helped by the teacher. It meant that the teacher also gave comment orally. After peer assessment, the teacher gave reward to the best partner and naughty students who participated in teaching learning process. It meant that the teacher want to make the students more anthusiastic in teaching and learning process.

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