Study on teaching Vocabulary at MTs Negeri Bandung Tulungagung

Siti, Nurwahyuni (2012) Study on teaching Vocabulary at MTs Negeri Bandung Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

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Key words: teaching vocabulary, presentation, Silent way, descrete evaluation, integrated evaluation Vocabulary has important role in mastering English because if the students are not competent in the vocabulary they cannot communicate their ideas early in the spoken and written form, They cannot present perfectly what they want when they write or speak, Thus they can understand what they read because they do not have a lot of vocabulary because vocabulary is a total number of word that make up language, liked that language is a body, structure is bone that from skeleton while vocabulary is means that have shaped. Thus someone will not achieve language target if mastery of vocabulary are not sufficient- teaching vocabulary in the school is not satisfying.In general, the goal of teaching a foreign language is that the students are expected to be able to master the four language skills; they are listening, writing, speaking and reading. However, to be able to master the four skills, the students shown firstly master the language components, which one of them is vocabulary. There will be no speaking, listening, writing and reading without vocabulary, so vocabulary should be mastered by the students when they want to be successful in English, when using it in meaningful context. Thus, this study tries to investigate: 1) How do teachers prepare teaching vocabulary in MTs Negeri Bandung? 2) What are the techniques used for teaching vocabulary at MTs Negeri Bandung? 3) How do the teachers evaluate teaching vocabulary at MTs Negeri Bandung? The purposes of this study are: 1) to describe the preparation of teaching vocabulary in MTs Negeri Bandung 2) to describe technique used for teaching vocabulary at MTs Negeri Bandung 3) to describe how a teacher evaluates the teaching vocabulary at MTs Negeri Bandung. This study is a descriptive; which was only designed to describe the teaching vocabulary in MTs Negeri Bandung. This study was also qualitative design. These subjects of the study are the teachers of MTs Negeri Bandung. The Research instruments consist of interview guide, observation guide and documentation. The research findings show that the teachers made some preparation, including preparing media for teaching and learning in the form of pictures of artist. The next preparation is in selecting appropriate method of teaching, especially vocabulary, in which the teachers use silent way. Technique used by the teachers is presentation. This presentation meant is in the form of showing pictures of artist, then followed with questioning- answering section and doing some tasks. There are two kinds of evaluation used by teacher in assessing the students’ mastery of vocabulary; descreate and integrated test.

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