Using English fun magazine in teaching speaking for young learner’s classroom At SDI Miftahul Huda Tulungagung

Akhris, KhoirunNizar Al Asro, (2012) Using English fun magazine in teaching speaking for young learner’s classroom At SDI Miftahul Huda Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

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Key Words : Teaching and learning strategy, speaking ability The teaching and learning strategy is a very important factor in teaching. Teaching and learning strategy is plan, ways of bringing teaching principles to gain all of instructional goal as effectiveness as possible that deals with series of teacher-student activities in classroom. Speaking is one of language skill that needs a particular teaching and learning strategy. Teacher has to determine and consider the appropriate teaching and learning strategy in order to reach the goal of teaching speaking. Formulation of the problem : how can fun magazine improve student speaking ability? The purpose of the study is to know how fun magazine can improve student speaking ability. The design of this research is classroom action research by applying qualitative and quantitative approach. The students are 19 students of SDI Miftahul Huda Tulungaggung. The data consist of percentage from student active participation in learning and teaching through fun magazine and the result of student speaking test. The sources of data were teacher and students. Data collecting method were observation sheet to observe the action, test to evalute the students speakig ability, documentation guide to get information of SDI Miftahul Huda Tulungagung. The research was carried out from 7 untill 25 may 2012. The result of the study showed that conversational exchange, storytelling, picture describing and game could improve the students speaking ability by attracting the students motivation and interest in learning speaking. So, the students speaking ability was also increasing. It is shown from the comparison result of the study on preliminary study, cycle 1 and cycle 2. In cycle 1 the researcher used describing picture and conversation strategy according to “fun magazine”. And the student’s mean of the test was 67,4. In the cycle 2 the teacher used storytelling and game strategy by “fun magazine”. And the procedures were, teacher gave story and repeated it until few times to make the student understood what the containt of the story was, then the student practiced it. In the game strategy the students had to describe pictures through fun magazine in group and other group would guess it. And the mean was 74. In second, the percentage of the student active participation in cycle 1 in the first meeting was 47 % (9 students), and in second meeting was 52 % (10 students). In cycle 2 in the first meeting was 68 % (13 student), and in the second meeting was 78 % (15 student). The data showed that the percentage of successfull student in later test a higher than earlier test, and their participation also increased. So it can be concluded that conversational exchange, storytelling, picture describing and game through fun magazine can be used to improve the students speaking ability.

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