A Study On Motivation Of the Students Enrolling to English Department as "A Teacher To Be" In IAIN Tulungagung

Teguh Priyo Utomo, 3213103140 (2014) A Study On Motivation Of the Students Enrolling to English Department as "A Teacher To Be" In IAIN Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

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ABSTRACT Utomo, Teguh Priyo. Registered Students. 3213103140. 2014. A Study On the English Prospective Teacher Motivation Who Enroll to English Department in IAIN Tulungagung. Advisor: Nanik Sri Rahayu Keywords : motivation, English, education program One of languages considered as an important and international language in the world is English which have been used by many people in all over the world and social life to communicate. As an international language, a lot of people want to master it for many reasons. Due to its importance, English is taught in every level of education nowadays. One important element for the success in teaching and learning process, particularly for second language, is motivation. Thus, in this study the writer conducted a research on students’ motivation enrolling English Department in IAIN Tulungagung it’s very crucial in determining their success. The research problem of this study are, 1) What are the students’ motivation of enrolling English Department of IAIN Tulungagung? 2) What are the factors influencing students’ motivation?, 3) What are the advantages of having their motivation? The purposes of this research were, 1) To know the kinds of students’ motivation when they enroll in IAIN Tulungagung as a prospective teacher, 2) To know all factors that influencing students choose English Department in IAIN Tulungagung, 3) To know the advantages those kinds of motivation to the students. Research method: 1) The research design was descriptive qualitative research, 2) The informants in this research were the students of TBI 6C of IAIN Tulungagung, Data in this research research were the information obtained of intrview conducted by the researcher to the students of TBI 6C of IAIN Tulungagung, 3) Data credibility being used is triangulation, 4) Data collection method were using observation, interview and documentation 5) The data analysis used in this research are data reducing, data display, data verification and conclusion data. The finding of this research finally corroborate the theory that the main motivation of the students in learning English is due they want to learn English deeper in order to get more understanding about the language, particularly English itself. This showed us that this motive belong to motive of biogenetic. Beside that motive of sociogenetic was also found in this research. However, there is no students having motive of theologies. Meanwhile, both of the extern factors – social environment and non social environment- took important role in influencing students’ motivation. The last finding was about the advantages of having their motivation as a student of English Department. Those motivation, at last, gave an impact as stimulant and spirit for the students to learn English better and to face any difficulty.

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