Mujamil Qomar, 196503011993031003 (2014) SINERGISME TRADISI DENGAN MODERNISASI DALAM PEMIKIRAN ISLAM KONTEMPORER. Empirisma, 23 (1). pp. 1-24. ISSN 1829-95-63


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The article is intended to highlight that in western thought the tradition is always opposed to medernization, therefore the encounter is in an atmosphere of holisty. In Islam it's interesting that the tradition balances and even becomes an alternative to modernization. When the West aggressively showcase modern clothes, Muslims tend to dress up more Islamic traditional as in Egypt and Iran; when Western put forward modern medicine, Muslims tend to used prophetic medication; when the West aggressively does westernization, Muslims increasingly year in Islamic tradition such as in Turkey; when West aggressively attack the Islamic State, Muslims activist are even more excited to use suicide bombing as in Irak and Afghanistan. As an matter of fact, in Islam, tradition and modernization have succesfully been synergized into a harmonious relationship, like the glory of classical Islamic intellectual was from tradition, modernization of science and technology in Iran is supported by tradition of Islamic studies, the result of ijtihad in a sophicticated way can co-exist with 'urf sahih, so that the tradition is maintained while modernization is taken as is reflected in the slogan al-muhafadhah 'ala al-qadim al-shalih wa al-ahdzu bi al-jadid al-aslah.

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