Islam and Religious Pluralism:The Dynamics of Meaning Seize

Ngainun Naim, 197507192003121002 (2020) Islam and Religious Pluralism:The Dynamics of Meaning Seize. SATU Press, Tulungagung. ISBN 978-623-94997-9-2

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This book is written because of the spirit to build up knowledge, understanding, and awareness of the importance of appreciating religion pluralism optimistically-positivelyconstructively. Religion pluralism should be treated as a part of reality of life that will always be there, present, and it requires right attitude to face it. Through this book, it is expected that culture of tolerance, especially to religion pluralism, grows up and develops as expected. The writing of this book is expected to realize the ideality. Since the beginning of writing this book, an intention that I wake up is how the word for word that I collate becomes a new energy to the improvement of socio-religious life in Indonesia.

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