The Application of EAGLE’s Speaking Program for Cambridge Class Students at SMPN 2 Tulungagung

Putri Cahyaning, Wulan, (2012) The Application of EAGLE’s Speaking Program for Cambridge Class Students at SMPN 2 Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

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Keywords: EAGLE’s Speaking Program and English Teaching and Learning. Language is the primary medium of human social interaction, and interaction is the means trough which the social relations are constructed and maintained. Therefore, people have to master English as the International Language. The more people master English, the easier they explore their knowledge about the world. The effort how to develop English competence must be priority now, especially for International Standard School (Sekolah Bertaraf International/SBI ). Each school has its own expectation to develop its own output, means the quality of students and graduation. Many junior high schools have strategies to develop students competence in order to be not left behind among the others include in having cooperation with an English Course. This study investigated on formulation of research problem. They were: 1) What are the characteristics of EAGLE’s program at SMPN 2 Tulungagung? 2) How does EAGLE’s program help students improve their ability in speaking? The purpose of this study were to: 1) know the characteristics of EAGLE’s programs at SMPN 2 Tulungagung 2) find out how does EAGLE help students to improve their ability in speaking. Research method: 1) the research design in this study was descriptive design with qualitative approach, 2) the population of this study was all Cambridge Class students of SMPN 2 Tulungagung, 3) the sample was VII A class consisting of 20 students, 4) The data collecting method were observation, interview, and documentation, 5) the data analysis was inductive. The research findings were; (1) the characteristics of EAGLE’s speaking program in SMPN 2 Tulungagung, especially for Cambridge class students (CIE class) is active, creative and educative. Active because the students are trained to speak as much as possible in teaching and learning process. The word “Creative” delivers to the teacher or tutors of EAGLE. They are trained to be creative in conducting any teaching and learning method suitable with students of cambridge class. Educative term possed by EAGLE, as an English Course that must teach and train students to be the brief generations as their school expectation. (2) EAGLE helps students of Cambridge class in SMPN 2 Tulungagung with its implementation of characters, include by having the activities to make students active and not bored in teaching and learning process. One characteristic of EAGLE program is oriented in students’ joyful and fun. EAGLE will set the teaching and learning activity that interest students to be in. In speaking program, as much as possible the tutors will avoid writing the explanation. They will speak as often as possible in the classroom, include in giving the instruction or explanation about the material. This strategy is used in order students get much language exposure, because the essential step to study language is from listening to speaking.

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