TURNITIN Reformulating The Concept of Maṣlaḥah: From A Textual Confinement Towards A Logic Determination

Iffatin Nur, 197301111999032001 and M Ngizzul Muttaqin, - (2020) TURNITIN Reformulating The Concept of Maṣlaḥah: From A Textual Confinement Towards A Logic Determination. jurnal, jurnal. (Unpublished)

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Up to this contemporary era, the concept of maṣlaḥah developed by several leading Moslem scholars seems to be rather theocentric in a way that it is transfixed on the maṣlaḥah considerations contained in the texts (naṣṣ). This means that the concept of maṣlaḥah has so far been shadowed in the textual confinement so that the resulting maṣlaḥah becomes an old-fashioned, stagnant, and less-able concept for responding to the times’ challenges. This study aims to open up discourses and opportunities for the development and reformulation of maṣlaḥah in the current contemporary era. This qualitative study is library research. The data used were obtained from book literatures, journals, and other writings related to maṣlaḥah and were analyzed using a content analysis method. The discussion was done by describing the historical data of previous thoughts on maṣlaḥah from the process of textual confinement to logic determination which was then formulated with the reality of today's modern era life. The results of this study indicate that: 1) from its historical aspect, the reformulation of maṣlaḥah is one which has so far only been assessed in the perspective of Shāri' (the Law Maker), hence, it is necessary to reformulate it in the perspective of mujtahīd by referring to maṣlaḥah associated with the issues’ reality context, 2) there is a need to incorporate the concept of ethics and humanity into the structure of maṣlaḥah, and 3) there present a necessity to formulate a collective-based ijtihād in probing of maṣlaḥah to create a scientific maṣlaḥah-based ijtihād methodology.

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