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Elfi Mu'awanah, - (2020) turnitin jurnal peripex india. IAIN TULUNGAGUNG, Tulungagung.

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Everyone through the millennial age. The researcher assessed that when in the millennial age, the age of approximately 24-35 if a person can successfully lead a career, economic, religious, health, family life, then in his age after millennial, she/he just reaped the success of his/her business at the next millennial age. Method: selected clients have genetic diabetics at the age of 50 years, but one of the health lives that is lived at millennial age is not well regulated, so at the age above the age of age he has genetic diabetics, especially most families also have diabetes and die on average 40 years average. Undergoing the Quran treatment that tells the story of the previous prophet's life in the prophet and sufistic counseling psychology is predicted to prepare the client to accept destiny as a person with genetic diabetes and preparing clients to face death. Result: Thus the success of undergoing millennial age in all predicted increases happiness in the age after millennial age. the toughness of someone living life even in severe pain is something that needs to be prepared in the treatment of Sufi counseling

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