Mohamad Jazeri, 196912042005011005 and Nurina Putri Manggiasih, 1234567 (2020) INTEGRATING MULTICULCURAL VALUES IN TECHING INDONESIAN LANGUAGE AT IAIN TULUNGAGUNG. Proceeding of International Conference on Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies, Social Science, and Humanities (ICIIS-SSH) 16-17 Juli 2018, 1 (1). pp. 100-106. ISSN 978-602-5618-68-0

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Indonesian language teaching plays an important role in developing mutual understanding, making agreements for common values and goals, overcoming disputes, and keeping dialogue among multicultural Indonesian people. This article explains the integration of multicultural values trough teaching of Indonesian language. This study is qualitatively approached. The data are collected using documentation technique. This article discusses six main issues, namely (1) Indonesia as a multicultural country, (2) integrating multicultural values in instructional design, (3) integrating multicultural values in teaching material, (4) integrating multicultural values in teaching strategy, (5) integrating multicultural values in teaching media, and (6) integrating multicultural values in classroom atmosphere. Indonesia has about 500 ethnic groups and each group has a particular language and culture. In addition, Indonesian people live with six different religions. It means that Indonesia is a multicultural country. In term of multicultural country, teacher as a designer, one who designs instructional in a classroom, should prepare an instruction based on multicultural values. This instructional design, then becomes a tool of internalizing multiculcural values. In term of teaching materials, they are taken from some sources representing a multicultural nation. The teaching strategy makes multicultural values easily internalized. In the same way, the media used in teaching Indonesian langauge also palys an importan role in internalizing multicultural values. Then, classroom atmosphere makes students easily understand and practice multicultural values. The main goal is preparing multiculturalist generations of Indonesian peaple who are tolerant, open-minded, understanding, moderate, and democratic.

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