Peer review jurnal dengan judul Compensation System to Improve the Performance of Labor Education

Ahmad Tanzeh, 196906121999031003 and Nihayatut Tasnim, 17501164016 and Sokip, - and Akhyak, - (2019) Peer review jurnal dengan judul Compensation System to Improve the Performance of Labor Education. Saudi Journal of Business and Management Studies (SJBMS), Scholars Middle East Publishers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Salary is one form of compensation from an organization that is given to employees for their performance. The compensation could be financial or other forms. By compensating the expected performance of teachers will increase.A form of compensation given that the salary, allowances, incentives, benefits and nonfinancial. Salary is given by considering the employment status, the number of teaching hours and the long term. The benefit there is in the form of structural and functional. Incentives in the form of bonuses, extra overtime, official travel, other forms related to job performance. Compensation that is in the form of a death benefit and the cost of delivery. For non-financial compensation in the form of vacation and recreation. The constructed compensation system is to assign a job analysis component, set the level of compensation and the granting of compensation, as well as a review of compensation. Performance educators/teachers with the implementation of their compensation systems increased to more discipline and enthusiasm in guiding learners to get good performance

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