A Case Study on Speaking Learning Process of Autism Student at SDI Al-Azhaar Tulungagung

Afifah, Iin Nur (2012) A Case Study on Speaking Learning Process of Autism Student at SDI Al-Azhaar Tulungagung. [ Skripsi ]

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Keywords: case study on speaking learning process and autism. Mastery of English was very important for the success of individual, society and our nation to fill globalization era. Eglish language is important to all aspects of students included special students such as Autism students. This study investigated on formulation of research problem. They were: 1) how is the speaking learning process of autism students at SDI Al-Azhaar Tulungagung? 2) What are the aspects to support autism student in speaking learning process? The purpose of this study were to: 1) know the speaking learning process of autism students at SDI Al-Azhaar Tulungagung 2) know the aspects to support autism student in speaking learning process Research method: 1) the research design in this study was descriptive research with qualitative approch 2) the population of this study was autism students that are in SDI Al-Azhaar Tulungagung. 3) There are three autism students that in first class, third class and fourth class 4) The research instruments were observation, interview, and documentation 5) The data analysis was inductive method. The reseach findings were; the autism learning process in speaking skill. There are three autism students with the different characteristics, and learning ways: 1) Yuma Cesar Ardani, first grade, basically Yuma is weak in communicating, it is the innate character of his autism, and the other factor is his age still little few. With these problems then he had difficulty in learning speaking, he is very late in the learning process. He is still in little age then he doesn’t have inisiative independently, and the inisiative given by him teacher such as teaching him to repeat more vocabulary or short sentences 2) Al Mizan Amir, third grade, in speaking lessons; Amir tends to be Able to follow it. At the time the teacher taught vocabulary, Amir memorizes faster and understand it better than other friends. 3) Haki Banend Fatahillah, fourth grade, in speaking of learning, much less to own intellectual is same with Amir, he prefers to memorize, but his difficulty is English pronunciation correctly. That three autism student has same case in speaking, they have not be able to make a sentence with a variety of meanings according the context, they also have not be able to understand the meaning of a text without any accompanying them to understand it. It is indeed a disorder they have as autism childrens. There are many aspects to supports autism students in speaking learning, 1) The methods used in speaking English learning: CLT method 2) English teacher: the teachers adjust to taught according to the autism students needs 3) Assistant: In learning process that autism students can not be completely independent, therefore the role of assistant still needed to assist them in the class 4) Parents: The parents usually bring them autism children to speech therapy, It also provides the computer facilities at home 4) Motivation: In the scope of SDI Al-Azhaar already understand this. Between parents, teachers, assistants, friends and others always give encouragement to autism childrens in the development of learning 5) Therapy: Autism children will thrive when routine therapy, speech or language therapy especially, Autism children in SDI Al-Azhaar has been in therapy, although not yet routinely.

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