The teaching speaking in the English class of MTsN Termas Baron Nganjuk

Titin, Rahmawati (2008) The teaching speaking in the English class of MTsN Termas Baron Nganjuk. [ Skripsi ]

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Key words: Teaching, Speaking Teaching the speaking at middle in Indonesia is integrated with the instruction of the other skills, reading, listening and writing skill. In reality, however, Indonesia learners at the middle school do not master this skill well even after they have learned English for 3 years. They are some factors that cause the students to be unable to speak, such as the teachers “way of teaching, large classes, limited time of teaching, lack exposure to English psychological factors (anxiety, nervousness, for and shyness), linguistic factors, and cultural factors. In addition, the environment does not support positively toward the development of learners’ speaking since English in Indonesia is a foreign language. In order to respond to this unfortunate condition, there should be some research that describes the real implementation of the teaching of English speaking in the classroom. This study deal with the investigation of the teaching of English speaking at the classroom of MTsN Termas Baron Nganjuk. The writer chooses this school because it is one of the favorite schools in Nganjuk. The main purpose of this study is to describe the teaching of English speaking at the classroom of MTsN Termas Baron Nganjuk. The investigation is mainly directed to the techniques, media, and the evaluation that are used by the teacher to develop the learners speaking. Other elements related to the research questions (factors that influence learners speaking ability) are also investigated and described as additional information of this study. The investigation was conducted to the first and second years of MTsN Termas Baron Nganjuk for one month. In inserting the speaking into the English instruction, the teachers used some techniques. At the first grade, the teacher used discussion technique, repetition, questions and answers, reading aloud, story telling, and practicing dialogue in pairs. The second year English teacher used discussion technique dominantly in inserting speaking. In addition, the teacher also used questions and answer technique and practicing dialogue in pairs. The use of media at the school includes real things or objects, flash cards or pictures, and tape recorder. In evaluation, many kind of test used to evaluation the peaking ability, there are retelling story, using pictures, picture for description, oral interview, etc. The design used in this study is descriptive qualitative research design. The data were collected by conducting observation using observation sheet, field notes, interview and questionnaires. After being collected, the data were analyzed using data analysis procedure suggested by Miles and Huberman. He confirms that data analysis's of these activities, namely data reduction, data display, and data verification. From the result of the study, it revealed that the teaching of speaking in MTsN Termas Baron Nganjuk is integrated with other skills, such as reading and listening. In reading activity, the teacher and the learners discuss the content of a reading text orally. Reading aloud is also directly used to train the learners' pronunciation, which is one important component in speaking skill. The teachers also tend to use question and answer technique in all language activities. This technique can motivate learners to speak English in the classroom. In listening activity, the teaching of speaking is directly involved in the activity since listening has a close relationship with speaking. Suggestions are formulated based on the findings. First, the teachers are expected to give more attention to the development of the learners speaking, and the teachers should have high motivation to invite the learners to speak enthusiastically by creating on enjoyable atmosphere in the classroom. Second, the teachers are expected not to use the some technique on and on, but she or he can modify the technique appropriately. The teachers are also expected to maximize the use of media as an old in the process of teaching and learning English especially in developing learners speaking. Finally, the teachers should pay more attention and give the evaluation after studying to the factors that make the learners reluctant and passive to speak English in the classroom. To the headmaster, it is expected feat the result of this study can be used as a reference for him as a manager at school to provide any facility as feedback.

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