Improving the Students’ Reading Skill on Narrative Text through Cooperative Integrated and Reading Composition to the Second Year Students at MTs Negeri Bandung Academic Year 2011/2012

Uswatul, Kasanah, (2012) Improving the Students’ Reading Skill on Narrative Text through Cooperative Integrated and Reading Composition to the Second Year Students at MTs Negeri Bandung Academic Year 2011/2012. [ Skripsi ]

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Key Words : Improving, Reading Skill, Narrative Text, Cooperative Integrated and Reading Composition (CIRC) According to the interview and preliminary test given to the students in preliminary study, freed many problems the students gets difficulties to comprehend reading text and answer the question in learning English, because they don’t know more about vocabulary to translate the text. This is because they do not know specific technique that can guide them to understanding the text and predicting the meaning. This classroom action researh will discuss about reading skill in the second year. In teaching and learning process, there are some problems usually faced by the students. The first important problem is most of the students thought that English is difficult lesson and make boring because they must memorize many vocabularies and patterns. The second, they still can't understand and master this material well. It can happen because the students are always taught with the same method. In teaching and learning process, they have no chance to be active. So, they get bored easily and they aren't interested to follow teaching and learning process. This CIRC technique was selected by the researcher because it was believed to be able to stimulate the students to be more involved and active in teaching and learning reading activities and to facility the students to understanding the text. Thus, this study was directed to solve practical problem in reading ability especially the students lack of vocabulary and understanding text in the process of teaching and learning. The research problem was formulated as follow: ”How can cooperative integrated reading and composition (CIRC) improve reading skill on narrative text for the second year students at MTs Negeri Bandung?” This study employed collaborative classroom action research design. In which between the researcher and the collaborator partner as a research team worked together in designing the lesson plan, implementing the action observing the action and making reflection in each cycle. The subject of this study were the second students of VIII D class of MTsN Bandung Tulungagung in the Academic Year 2011/2012 in involved 48 students. After giving the test by using answering question based on the text and the criteria of success is 100% of students muss passes the test, the KKM is 68. This study was conducted in two cycles by following the procedures of the classroom action research : planning, implementing, observing, reflecting. Each cycle consisted of two meetings. In completing the data four instruments were used applying the following methods such providing interview, observation check list, making field notes, and reading test. The data of the study were the students test, the students and teacher performance during the process of teaching and learning which were analyzed qualitative and quantitative. The result of the research showed that CIRC technique successfully helped in improving the students’ reading skill on narrative text. The score of the students’ reading products improve significantly from preliminary study to Cycle 1 and from Cycle 1 to Cycle 2. The students’ mean score improved from 66.98 in preliminary test to 74.94 in Cycle 1 and it could 79.81 in Cycle 2. The teacher follow a particular procedure : the students were divided into some group consist of 4-5 students, each group discussed the narrative text, the find vocabulary in group, map out the names or attributes of the characters in group, they were given some comprehension question and they answer then in group, and the students summarized the narrative text individually. The finding of this research showed that CIRC is an effective technique to teach reading. This technique makes the students active and creative in following teaching and learning reading process. So, this technique can improve the students’ reading skill on narrative text. Based on the researcher findings, the researcher gives some suggestions which are essential to the teacher and the students. For the teacher, the researcher advises the teacher to use CIRC technique, to be able to motivate the students, and make the enjoyable teaching and learning situation in order to stimulate the students’ creativity and activity in the teaching and learning process. For the students, the students must have motivation and self confidence so that they can be brave to ask many questions to their teacher and to propose their opinions when the teaching and learning process is running. Furthermore, the students should often study in group frequently with their friends in order to be able to share their learning problems each other.

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