Pola dan Peran Pengembangan Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) di Dinas Koperasi dan Usaha Mikro (Diskopusmik) Kabupaten Kediri

zulin nafisatu zuhria, 17402153259 (2019) Pola dan Peran Pengembangan Usaha Mikro Kecil dan Menengah (UMKM) di Dinas Koperasi dan Usaha Mikro (Diskopusmik) Kabupaten Kediri. [ Skripsi ]

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ABSTRACT Thesis entitled "The Pattern and Role of Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in Cooperatives and Micro Enterprises Office (Diskopusmik) of Kediri Regency” is written by Zulin Nafisatu Zuhria, NIM 17402153259 Advisor Dr. H. Dede Nurohman, M.Ag. As stated in article 19 of 2008 constitutions number 20 concerning UMKM, development in the field of human resources as referred in Article 16 section (1) letter c is carried out by: (a) promoting and empowering entrepreneurship, (b) improving technical and managerial skills, (c) forming and developing educational and training institutions to conduct education, training, counseling, business motivation and creativity, and the creation of new entrepreneurs. This is a policy on UMKM by the central government that informs regional governments to pay more attention to their communities. So that in this thesis the author conducts research to find out about pattern and role of the Regional Government in Kediri in developing UMKM through Cooperatives and Micro Enterprises Office (Diskopusmik), which includes Diskopusmik patterns in growing community entrepreneurship, the role of Diskopusmik in increasing economic growth, and constraints faced and the solution made by Diskopusmik. The research method used is qualitative method. Data Collection Techniques used are interviews, direct observation, and recording documents. The data sources used are Primary Data and Secondary Data. Validity of the findings using four criteria, those are: construct validity, internal validity, external validity, and consistency And Data Analysis Techniques include: organizing data, grouping based on categories, themes and patterns of answers, testing existing assumptions or problems with data, looking for alternative explanations for data, and writing research results. The result of the research analysis shows that Diskopusmik conducts activities those are business training, UMKM exhibition, take responsibility for facilitation and guidance, Monitoring and Evaluation, and Business Assistance. The obstacles faced are lack of understanding from the community, limited number of extension staff, and central government regulations. The solution is the association role of collaboration between institutions, recruitment of extension workers, and development of policies on UMKM. The recommendation for Diskopusmik is to always trying to improve clear information in order to improve the quality of coaching services. Keywords: Development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Item Type: Skripsi
Subjects: Ekonomi > Ekonomi Syariah
Divisions: Fakultas Ekonomi Dan Bisnis Islam > Ekonomi Syariah
Depositing User: 17402153259 Zulin Nafisatu Zuhria
Date Deposited: 10 May 2019 02:36
Last Modified: 10 May 2019 02:36
URI: http://repo.iain-tulungagung.ac.id/id/eprint/11078

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